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Fiction Line Editing and Copyediting

I offer two main editorial services: line editing and copyediting. Not sure what they are? No worries, I've explained them all below.

For book editing services, please contact me for a quote.

If you tell me the word count and send me a sample chapter from the middle of your book, I will give you a fixed-price quote and let you know how long it will take.


Here is more information about my service packages and what they include:



Publishing routes and services

  • If you are publishing your novel traditionally or independently, consider a line edit if you want to really tighten your prose, or if you want feedback on your writing.

  • If you are self-publishing, a copyedit is the minimum required. The gold standard, which traditional publishing adheres to, would be a line edit OR copyedit, followed by a proofread.


Line editing for multilingual authors

Line editing tightens the prose so that the story reads better, while retaining and strengthening your voice. You will receive a detailed style sheet with notes on the characters’ appearance, worldbuilding consistency issues etc. More information here.

Who this service is for:

  • Authors whose manuscripts need significant revisions, but for whom all the scenes are in the correct order and the story development makes sense as it is

  • Authors who feel okay with an editor making heavy revisions to each sentence

  • Authors who want to outsource heavy revising to someone else

  • Authors who want to learn how to tighten prose themselves by seeing what a line edit tackles (If this is you, I am also happy to line edit samples and give feedback)


Please note that my line editing service includes making changes a copyedit would too (applying editorial style, removing errors etc.). You may wish to have the text proofread after line editing as many more changes will be made to your text, and so there is a higher chance of the occasional error slipping through.

Cost: $30 per 1000 words for a single pass; $35 per 1000 words for two passes (a main edit and final read through)

Copyediting for indie authors

This service is a combined light line and copyedit. It prepares your completed, fairly polished draft for publishing. I focus on correction, clarity, consistency, and small tweaks to tighten your prose and refine the style. Editorial style will be applied – for US English, I follow the Chicago Manual of Style; for UK English, I follow New Hart’s Rules, unless otherwise instructed. You will receive a style sheet with detailed notes on the characters’ appearance, worldbuilding consistency issues etc.

Who this service is for:

  • All authors who wish to self-publish EXCEPT those who have booked a line edit

Cost: $25 per 1000 words; $30 per 1000 words for two passes (a main edit and final read through)


I no longer offer any proofreading services, but I can recommend other great editors if needed. I have a few select editors I work with for this.

Who this service is for:

  • Authors who want their text to meet the standards used in traditional publishing ​

Book formatting

If you are self-publishing, this will be the final step, along with finding a designer for the book cover. I do not offer this service but am happy to recommend providers. Some authors choose to do this themselves.

Cover design for self-publishing authors 

Besides editing, self-publishing authors should find a designer for their cover art. I recommend you do this early on, when the manuscript is ready for copyediting, so that you have the designs ready to market long before you publish your book. I'm happy to recommend designers who can assist you with this.

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