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What is your editorial approach?

I focus on collaboration and building supportive relationships with authors. Some coaches and editors will tell you how to make your book fit in the Anglo-American publishing market. If this is your goal, I can advise you on that. But many authors – and especially indie authors – want a more careful, sensitive approach that pays attention to other ways of writing and publishing. With this in mind, I'll ask you a few questions about your goals, and will then give you options rather than tell you that you must write in a certain way to be successful. Take a look at my blog for more info on this socially sensitive approach.

How much do you charge?

My rates for editing roughly match the median EFA rates – I will discuss your needs then offer you a fixed-price package.

Ballpark rates are:

Manuscript assessment – $10 per 1000 words

Detailed manuscript assessment – $20 per 1000 words

Developmental editing – $35–$45 per 1000 words

Fiction line editing for multilingual authors – $30 per 1000 words

Combined line- and copyediting for indie authors – $25 per 1000 words

When do I have to pay?

A £100 or $150 deposit confirms a book project’s slot in my schedule. I will contact you two weeks before we are due to start work to check everything is on schedule. For the remainder, my typical terms are 50% before I start work, 50% upon completion. If you want me to make a different payment plan, let me know.

Do you charge an express fee?

If you need a job done urgently (within 48 hours), my fees increase by 25%. If you need me to work on a weekend or evening to do this, my fees are 50% higher. The fee will always be discussed and agreed upon before I start work.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payment by bank transfer from any currency into British pound sterling, euros or US dollars. I also accept card payments via Stripe if a bank transfer is not possible.

Do you offer free sample edits?

If it looks like we're a good fit and our schedules and budgets match, I am happy to do a sample of five hundred words from a chapter in the middle of your novel. I don't offer free sample edits for non-fiction editing.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! Please let me know your timetable as early as possible. For book projects, I tend to book out one to three months in advance.

What if I send the text late?

If you send me the text late without at least two weeks’ warning, there may be considerable delays or I may be unable to work on the project – this will depend on my schedule.

What genres do you edit?

I edit...

  • science fiction

  • fantasy

  • YA fiction

  • realist fiction

  • historical fiction 

  • LGBTQ+ fiction

  • Westerns

  • literary fiction

  • memoir

  • ethnography

What genres do you NOT edit?

I do not edit...

  • crime fiction

  • romance novels (I'd consider LGBTQ+)

  • erotica

  • Christian fiction 

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